My story began with a dream….

We’ve had this beautiful piece of woodland in our family for generations.

It has always been special to us.

It’s a stunning woodland with mature oaks, silver birches, pines and amazing 30ft rhododendron bushes.

The meandering lakes with their hidden islands are breath taking.

It’s a special place to relax, unwind and take in the abundance of wildlife and birdlife it has to offer.

It’s always been our favourite place to go for a morning stroll with our dogs, picnics with the children and the occasional, rustic family camping trip!

Then 10 years ago the dream began….

It all started with a combination of our trip to South Africa and being blown away by the amazing treehouse structures we saw in the remotest of locations in the African bush and a few years later watching a TV series with my three teenage sons called “Treehouse Masters in the US”. We were fascinated and in awe.

‘Wouldn’t our woodland be the most perfect location to put a treehouse……?’

‘It would be the most fitting and natural structure which would look like it belonged?’

‘It would be a structure to enhance the beauty of the woodland and we could sleep and live amongst the nature – a little haven/retreat….’

And so, it started….

Our planning application was well received by the local and district council. They were very happy to grant us planning permission due to the unique style of accommodation which was offering something different and special to Lincolnshire.

So, we began….

We were so excited to get started.

Firstly, we had to work on the 17 acres of woodland and lakes. It was still in its very natural, rustic and untouched form and required a much-needed bit of TLC.

All our family got involved, my three sons (now grown up, strong and very capable), my husband, mum, dad, brother, uncles and cousins. It was very much a family affair.

Fuelled with lots of tea and biscuits and many memories made along the way we got a lot of tiding up done!

We found a brilliant and very talented builder, Christian Lomas, to take on the challenge of the treehouse build.

It was all getting started and going well “then Covid hit” ……

We all had to stop, tools were down, and we closed the site.


Thankfully it wasn’t too long before construction was able to reopen, and our site was the perfect workplace for the building team to spread out and work safely apart from each other.

However, little did we know the complications that Covid would bring to the build with limited supplies, delays, soaring costs and shop/manufacturer closures.

Christian Lomas was amazing and navigated his way through this uncertain time. He not only continued to successfully lead his building team, but he also managed to gain the limited and scarce resources and managed to readapt where necessary.

As well as all of this he kept everyone’s spirits high and kept me reassured!

The build continued and the groundwork continued.

We continued through all the weather elements of huge rainstorms, snow and ice and then to finish with some beautiful sunshine.

Covid had, unfortunately, set our timings back and the first guests were soon due to arrive, and we were yet to finish……

You could feel the tension building as the deadline approached.

It was a mixture of panic and excitement, at the same time, but we were also running out of time.

Bookings were coming in!! This was amazing!!

But we needed more hands to get us finished.

I’m so lucky to have such a great family. Everyone came to help.

My Auntie and cousins all helped sand and stain hundreds of planks of wood.

My Uncles came to help finish the groundwork, raking gravel, staining decking…

My boys and my husband finished the roadways on diggers and dumpers…

To all of you…

 “I will be eternally thankful and grateful”.

And now here we are…

“Treetop Hideaways”

My dream has now come true …

I really hope you are able to visit and I hope you will love the treehouses and as much as I have loved creating them.

Jenny x